Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust visits St George Park

July 01 2018
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust visits St George Park

The visit was the first stage in Friends of St George Park’s (FoSGP) Big Lottery funded Lake Project and took place on Tuesday 19 June.

The consulting team from WWT visited from the Slimbridge Wetlands Centre and consisted of hydrologist and habitat specialist Dr Matt Simpson and designer and visualisation specialist Beth Morafon plus assistant consultants Freya Stacey and Christine Cooper.

Several hours were spent studying the lake and surroundings and discussing the results from the park consultation which has been carried out by the friends group over the past few years. The project is being supported by Councillor for Bristol West Asher Craig and the Bristol Parks Department.

 “Although it’s short notice we hope to have some rough visuals and ideas ready for a display at Redfest on 4th August,” explained Maggie Waldon of FoSGP.

 “We will be looking to get people’s opinions and comments on the project so far.”

FoSGP are ultimately aiming to get the lake listed by the WWT. Additional fundraising will be required to begin the work once the plans and consultation have been completed.

According to FoSGP, a ban on fishing at the lake has been key to gaining the funding as lots of birds were being injured. The number of fish in the lake has also been reduced, creating a more balanced ecosystem. Other challenges include subsidence all the way around the lake and problems with the integrity of the island. Suggestions for improvements include putting gabions on one side of the lake to make some shallower areas and get some greenery.

Slimbrige previously visited the lake in 2012 to report on the amount of silt. It was found to be clean and large amounts of it were reused after dredging to landscape the children’s playground.