Summerhill Academy 'requires improvement' rating due to change in principals

May 09 2018
Summerhill Academy 'requires improvement' rating due to change in principals

The Multi Academy Trust behind Summerhill Academy has said that its recent ‘requires improvement’ rating from Ofsted was due to the school having had two different principals since the previous inspection.

The inspection took place on the 11 and 12 of April 2018 and rated the school as requiring improvement in all areas. The school was rated good at its last inspection which took place in 2014.

A statement from a representative at Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) said: “Since the previous inspection, the school has had two different principals, which led to an unsettled period of some leadership change. This meant that the school did not keep pace with the high standards set previously and the academy experienced some weaker results.”

The Ofsted report appears to recognise this, noting that CLF had responded to declining standards by appointing a new Principal and a new Chair of the Academy Council. The inspection saw indications that these were positive changes; however it said that “…evidence of impact is more limited due to the short length of time they have been in post”.

In a statement, Rebecca Curtis, Principal at the school said: “I feel privileged to be the Principal of Summerhill Academy, and delighted to be working for a community which is close to my heart. 

“At Summerhill Academy, we had already begun our improvement journey.  We are pleased that all of the developments that have taken place this year were recognised as positive improvements for the school.  

“We have been, and will continue to develop, reflect and refine the teaching and learning at Summerhill. Exciting times are ahead to ensure that Summerhill is the best it can be!”

The full Ofsted report can be viewed here: