St George Park kiosk results revealed

April 27 2018
St George Park kiosk results revealed

You may recall that back in November, Bristol City Council started a consultation on the 'Kiosk' in St George Park. The aim of the Council consultation was to look at how the kiosk currently operates, the service it provides and whether there is any desire to expand the current offer.

Over 250 people responded to the consultation.  The majority indicated that they used the park mainly for children’s play and exercise.  Over 70% of those responded indicated that they used the kiosk, with 55% saying they used in regularly and the majority reporting that they found the experience satisfactory, good or excellent. There was a clear desire from those who took part in the consultation to keep a kiosk provision in the park.

Suggestions from respondents for improvements included a dog free zone and extended opening hours in the summer.

Bristol City Council is looking to increase income opportunities through the parks, so it is safe to assume that there will be a kiosk in St George Park for some time.