St George Park Community Garden

May 10 2017
Community Garden

Did you know that St George Park has a Community Garden? Five years after the start of the project, read about the progress made.

Local inhabitants can come together to grow fruit and vegetables, share and gain experience in producing food plants and meet more of our neighbours. All the produce can be picked by anyone using the park.

We had our doubts about vandalism as the garden is on the bandstand and is open at all times for anyone to visit and to pick the produce. But the garden and plants have been treated with respect and greatly appreciated.  It was decided in 2015 to raise the beds to allow increased accessibility to anyone with restricted mobility. As a bonus, it deters animals from trampling on the plants. A grant from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Fund paid for the timber, and neighbours and friends mucked-in to build the beds higher and fill them with compost and soil.

We have been really astounded and grateful to have received cash donations both large and small towards the cost of filling the beds and would like to express our thanks to our supporters for their help.

Under the guidance of Deb, an experienced allotmenteer, the garden has flourished and is well kept and productive with new varieties on trial each year, such as yellow beetroot and purple podded beans, as well as the old favourites. Gardening sessions are on Saturday mornings, roughly fortnightly depending on the time of year, and during the growing season. The dates are posted on one of the beds and on our website. At each session there is a clear plan of tasks which enables everyone to participate in the growing process and there are experienced gardeners alongside novices, so all are welcome.  You can choose to receive emails about gardening dates – just leave us your contact details at

We will have plants, seedlings and maybe cakes for sale at our gardening sessions which will help to fund future seed purchases. Plans for the future include planting dwarf apple and pear trees around the post and rail fence.  Another learning experience for us all!