Security at Three Crowns increased after squatters hold rave

October 25 2019
Security at Three Crowns increased after squatters hold rave

SECURITY at an empty pub in St George has been upped following an illegal three-day rave.

Police received a number of calls from residents after being disturbed by noise at the Three Crowns pub in Blackswarth Road on October 11.

Officers visited the pub five times during the weekend to ask party-goers to turn their music down.

It is believed the party was held by squatters who had been living at the property.

Police arrested a 31-year-old man on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

Since the incident, high boards have gone up around the property to make it more secure, replacing the previous metal barriers.

The building is owned by London-based property developer William Woodward.

Planning permission to turn the building into flats has recently been granted despite a high-profile campaign to keep it open as a pub.

Anthony Hannan, chair of Save The Three Crowns, said: “It's clearly upsetting for the neighbours, but I wouldn't imagine they are looking forward to building work and then being permanently overlooked in the future.

I believe the squatters have left now and the building is more secure, as it should have been in the first place.”

A police spokesman said: “The neighbourhood team are aware of issues of anti-social behaviour affecting residents in Blackswarth Road. Officers have been in contact with the owners of the former Three Crowns pub. Squatting in commercial premises is a civil matter and we have made the owners aware that they can seek eviction notices through the civil courts. 

Noise nuisance is a matter for Bristol City Council. Officers will deal with reports of anti-social behaviour and criminal offences. The neighbourhood team will continue to support the owners, the council and residents in resolving the issue.”