Bristol East Allotments: Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

October 05 2018
Bristol East Allotments: Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Earlier this year we announced our new Pumpkin Competition on the weekend of 27th and 28th October and encouraged everyone to grow their own heaviest or perhaps monster pumpkin to enter. We also want to see who can carve the scariest ones, the spookier the better.


The rules to our competition are quite easy to follow and we’d like to invite everyone to come along with their exhibits. Rule one for the heaviest pumpkin is that it must be home grown, there’s no rule two!

If you’d like to enter the best carved pumpkin you can buy one from anywhere you choose but it must be carved before you enter, you can even put a light inside to make it look fearsome, but only battery types please.

Of course, please take care when carving especially if children are around, they’ll be fascinated to see a scary face taking shape. If you’ve not carved before try a little research for ideas of the best faces and draw an outline for the eyes, nose and mouth with a felt marker to help guide you. And when you’ve scooped out the flesh put it to good use by making some delicious soup to share at your Hallowe’en party, there are lots of recipes to be found.

The saying goes, that the fun of entering a competition is always the best part and we agree, so come on have a go; the winner of the heaviest or best carved class each receives £10. Entry forms can be picked up from our allotment shop in Nicholas Lane, St. George, BS5 8TY or you can request one by email or telephone, full contact details at the end of this report.

During the weekend of our competition all exhibits will be open for viewing between 9.00am and 12.30pm so bring the family and have a look round, you’ll be most grisly welcome, if you dare.

As just mentioned pumpkins make great soups and if you’ve been lucky enough to grow some butternut squash these do as well. Both these will store well for several weeks in cool dry place so no need to use them all at once if you’ve some left after Hallowe’en.


Garlic each day keeps Vampires away

Our report this month may seem like it’s been written by Count Dracula himself and you may come across him or his legendary vampires over the next few weeks ahead, and if you do there’s one sure fire solution to keep them both at bay – GARLIC. This happens to remind me, October is the start of the garlic planting season. There are various types and it’s worth taking time to discover which could suit your tastes best. The Elephant variety has a very mild flavour. The Softneck types are relatively easy to grow, producing plenty of cloves and stores well. Hardneck varieties on the other hand produce fewer but larger cloves. But whatever your choice, their robust aromas will all help keep those black-caped fiends with awesome fangs away.


Want a plot?

If growing your own with fresh veg that can be harvested and cooked the same day all without air miles or chemicals is appealing, why not consider an allotment of your own? We have seven sites within the St. George area with plots that range in various sizes to meet everyone’s requirements. Call in and enquire of any vacancies we have or use our contact details below, we’ll be delighted to help and you could be up and running with your own plot quickly.


Bristol East Allotments Association,

Nicholas Lane, St, George, BS5 8TY

Email: or call 0117-932-5852