Learn about exciting new plans to make significant improvements to St George Park, Bristol.

September 02 2018
Exciting plans for St George Park

After years of consultation and informal discussions, the Friends of St George Park group have unveiled exciting plans to develop St George Park.

The plans include a new path around the island end of the lake so that people can look down on it rather than walking directly around the lake. Also included in the proposals is a new wooden bridge across the centre of the lake.

Overlooking the lake, the proposals include a new performance space.

Click image to view larger version
Click image to view larger version

The plans have been drawn up by The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge following detailed meetings with the Friends of St George Park group and various visits to St George Park. As reported in our August 2018 edition, the costs of drawing up the plans were funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The plans have not yet been costed as the costs of the project will depend on which of the proposals are implemented and the timeframe to secure the funds.

Friends of St George Park at Redfest 2018
Friends of St George Park group at Redfest 2018

The plans were displayed at both Redfest and at a St George Community Network meeting on 15 August. Many positive comments were received at both events.

If implemented, the plans will enhance the lake as a key feature of the park, and add additional features.

Maggie Waldon of Friends of St George Park, told the Voice: “The plans that we’ve developed with the WWT Consulting at Slimbridge will retain the existing Victorian structure and open aspect of the old boating lake but will significantly enhance the area. Our discussions with local people have shown us how passionate people are for the park. Many people told us that they wanted to see more wildlife on and around the lake; our plans to add an additional smaller island and manage the undergrowth on the existing island along with reed and grass beds should help this.  It was also clear, that people wanted to encourage an educational aspect including ‘pond dipping’ in the lake, this will be possible from the new purpose built platform at the children’s play area end of the lake and we will design some related 'fun activities' for children to download and complete.”

There will also be a walkway across the lake in front of the island from which wildlife will be visible but not accessible.

For years, autumn leaves have accumulated at the far end of the lake behind the island resulting in a smelly and ugly mess.  The new plans include the intention to grow marginal water plants and create a wild zone in what is a nutrient rich area to help alleviate issues with decomposing leaves.

Kerry McCarthy MP for Bristol East studied the plans for the park during Redfest, and told the Voice: “The plans for St George Park look great, and could make a major difference to the park. I hope that funding can be found to implement the proposals.”

The plans for St George Park do not include new toilet facilities or a kiosk/café, as this is a separate project.

If you have any comments on the proposals you can share them with the Friends of St George Park group by leaving a message on Facebook group –

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