We're looking for your letters

March 24 2017

We will be publishing letters here and in the newspaper. Letters could be about issues affecting our local community or they may be about our newspaper.


We're a community newspaper (and website) looking to educate and inform the people of St George and Redfield.  If you have an issue you'd like to write to us about, then please do so.

It could be some feedback on the newspaper, a comment on our website or an issue of concern about our local area.  You're welcome to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to share your issue with us.  We'll publish some of the letters on this website and some in the St George & Redfield Voice.  Published letters may be edited.


You can email your letter to:

Or post to:
       St George & Redfield Voice
       Easton Business Centre
       Felix Road
       Bristol  BS5 0HE