‘Hesh’ tag man prosecuted

March 21 2017
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Avon and Somerset Police have prosecuted a man caught tagging ‘Hesh’ on to the wall of the Feeder Road Canal. The original arrest was made as part of Operation Block, which aims to stop high volume illegal graffiti and tagging in the Bristol area.

The 45-year-old man from Redfield was caught in the act in October last year. He has been reported to court for causing an estimated £255 worth of damage to Bristol City Council property.

PC Stuart King who heads up Operation Block said: “This result is thanks to our on-going partnership with Bristol City Council aimed at identifying and bringing to justice the people responsible for high volume illegal graffiti and criminal damage. “To date, we have investigated over 500 offences, many of which have resulted in convictions and we’ve identified over 100 active taggers in the city.”