Heartfelt plea for lifesaving equipment near Troopers Hill

March 17 2018
Heartfelt plea for lifesaving equipment

Friends of Troopers Hill and Didac Ltd have nearly reached their fundraising target and need to raise just £900 in order to get a life-saving defibrillator installed near Troopers Hill.

PICTURE: Susan Acton-Campbell pictured with Pastor Andrew Yelland and her husband, Rob, celebrating the launching of the defibrillator outside Crofts End Church funded by a grant application by Crofts End Church to the now discontinued St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing fund.

Generous people have been making donations to the appeal for a publicly accessible defibrillator to be installed outside the Woodwise Academy (the premises of Didac Ltd), beside the river and close to the foot of Troopers Hill. 

Didac Ltd train people in furniture and woodworking skills in their fully equipped workshop. Ten of their staff are trained first aiders. Didac Ltd is funding half the cost of the defibrillator. Friends of Troopers Hill have added £100 from their funds and are appealing for the remaining funds via the Just Giving website.

"The survival rate of heart attack victims is greatly improved by the speed with which they can be treated," said Susan Acton-Campbell of Friends of Troopers Hill. "Having a defibrillator nearby could make all the difference while waiting for emergency services to arrive. Please help us reach the funding target for this lifesaving equipment". 

Donations can be made via the Just Giving site via www.tinyurl.com/crewsholedefib or by contacting Friends of Troopers Hill on 0117 947 5037.