Friends of St George Park: A vision for the future

January 02 2020
Friends of St George Park: A vision for the future

Nick Burroughs thinks St George Park could host the best wheelpark in the UK. As chair of the Friends of St George Park, he believes the green space has so much more to offer. Here, Nick gives his future vision for the well-loved park.

St GEORGE Park is a wonderful green space that is fun to use, good for us and for the environment. People have welcomed the refurbished Bake Box and toilets but, as we come out of winter and into spring, there are parts that are looking a bit worn. Should we - the community - choose what we want for our park and work with the council to make it happen?

Here are some ideas:

Care for our kids in an updated play area

The John Deasy Play Area is popular with children and parents. Many of the wooden structures and the partially replaced wooden fence, are showing their age. We could make it magical again.

Make a community garden for the whole community

There are community gardens near the main entrance, on the bandstand and across the park. A small group struggles to keep them going, so more people with a passion for plants or people who want to care for plants could make a difference to our environment and quality of life. 

Help the lake to better support the environment and wildlife

The lake is central to the appeal of the park, but it is leaky, the edges are crumbling, and the east end is semi-stagnant in the summer. The Friends group wants to make the east end into a marshy area for plants and make the island more wildlife friendly, the council has awarded half the funding. Now we need to make it happen.

Reclaim the cowshed! Create a park mural

Cowshed? Yes, the seated area behind the bowling pavilion which has become dilapidated and sometimes unpleasant. We could get local artists to create images there that reflect the community, the area and the park. We can reclaim this area to become a friendly and enjoyable space.

Add facilities to support our health and wellbeing

We have sport facilities that are well used, though the jogging track markings are now hard to see. There is talk of a park run. We could create a free outside gym that anyone can use.

Create the best wheel park in Bristol … the south west … the UK

Skateboarding is an Olympic sport from 2020. Our large wheelpark is always busy and used by a range of ages and skills from across the city. It is showing its age and some areas will soon become unusable. It could be the best in Bristol and beyond, it could be for people with disabilities and with any abilities. It could be a source of local inspiration – it could help win gold! You could be part of it. 

Yes, but how?

The council is slowly recognising that it needs to work with the community to make the best of our parks and green spaces. This is positive but the community must change the way we view the park. Gone are the days of “someone should do something” as that someone is often now us.  

There is money out there to do stuff, but it needs us – you, me and people we know, to get involved and make things happen for and in our community. Tell your councillors, make some noise, join the Friends group (, start your own group and best of all, enjoy our park!