St George & Redfield Voice Features

October 30 2018 Thumbnail Image

Leaves! Get ‘em while you can...

There are tonnes of leaves around at the moment to be had for free, so pick up and store as many as you can, they’ll serve you well in the garden. .. Read More

October 30 2018 Thumbnail Image

Troopers Hill, the radio star

October started well with the Royal Horticultural Society South West in Bloom awarding Friends of Troopers Hill an assessment of ‘Outstanding’ in their It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme. This award assesses community participation, environmental responsibility and gardening achievement. ‘Gardening’ in Troopers Hill’s case looks at how the site is managed and the work done to conserve this important area of acid grassland and heathland... Read More

October 05 2018 Thumbnail Image

Bristol East Allotments: Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Earlier this year we announced our new Pumpkin Competition on the weekend of 27th and 28th October and encouraged everyone to grow their own heaviest or perhaps monster pumpkin to enter. We also want to see who can carve the scariest ones, the spookier the better... Read More

October 04 2018 Thumbnail Image

Troopers Hill – under threat by a mystery gardener?

Over the years there has been a lot of publicity about the sensitive and special environment at Troopers Hill and why careful management is needed to preserve it. Many of the plants and associated animals on Troopers Hill are found nowhere else in the city. Some species, including invertebrates, are rare in the whole of the UK. This is why Troopers Hill has its formal designation as a Local Nature Reserve... Read More

October 04 2018 Thumbnail Image

Shape our City, one street at a time

A new UWE project is working with artists and community organisations to creatively engage the public on issues around healthy urban development. A team from the project has recently been in Barton Hill listening to local people’s ideas on how to improve the area. .. Read More

October 04 2018 Thumbnail Image

Bright future for City Academy

September saw 11-year-olds across the country begin their secondary school careers. All of us will be familiar with the mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation that come with that first day. But new students at City Academy will have arrived with a spring in their step following the inspirational achievements of the school’s recent graduates. We spoke to the school’s Principal, Jon Angell about the school’s recent success and what new pupils can expect in the near future….. Read More

April 05 2018 Thumbnail Image

Productive veg growing for small spaces

An allotment may not be high on the demands of many people for various reasons, family and work commitments for example may not afford the time to enjoy a plot. But having one’s own tiny veg garden at home could be the answer if you want to enjoy a small selection of fresh vegetables and salad crops that’ll taste far better than any comparable product you can buy, even in the smallest of spaces... Read More