Easton Councillor arrested following case of mistaken identity

April 24 2018
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Avon and Somerset Police and the region’s Police and Crime Commissioner are set to apologise to Easton Councillor Afzal Shah after he was mistakenly arrested.

Councillor Shah had gone to Trinity Road Police Station to report a crime, only to find himself put under arrest following a case of mistaken identity.

Another person at the station who was reporting an incident in which threats of violence were made visually identified Councillor Shah as one of the people involved incident.

Officers subsequently arrested him and put him in the back of a patrol car - despite him explaining that he was in council meetings at the alleged time of the offence.

He was de-arrested 45 minutes later when police realised their mistake. Chief Constable Andy Marsh and Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens have both said that they would like to meet him in order to apologise.

Councillor Shah is a member of the region’s Police and Crime Panel. He has said that he is now considering taking legal advice.