New supporters for Dundridge Park Footballers

January 22 2019
New supporters for Dundridge Park Footballers

A football team who’ve been playing at Dundridge Park for 70 years have gained some new supporters in the shape of Bristol City councillors who are backing the club in its bid to renew its lease on the football pitches in the park.

Councillor for St George Troopers Hill Fabian Breckels, and Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Waste, Energy, Regulatory Services & Sport Kye Dudd, say they hope to secure the long-term future for Nicholas Wanderers.

“The club currently maintains the pitches in the park and they have fixed up the clubhouse in a make-do-and-mend way for decades now,” said Cllr Breckels.

“It’s time they got long-term backing and a secure future so they can bid for funding from the Football Association and other grant-making bodies.”

The Nicholas Wanderers club work closely with the Friends of Dundridge Park to keep the park a green oasis for everyone.

“Over the years we have won several League Titles and Cup Finals and we’re having a good season just now. But with time running out on our lease and licensing agreements we need to look to the future,” said club secretary Bob Fudge.

One ambition is to make the clubhouse more attractive for away team visitors. At the moment a number of buildings have been joined together with temporary brickwork and temporary roofing. Substantial work needs to be done.

“External funders backing sports initiatives need to know that the clubs they fund will be around for a long period to make the investment worthwhile; The Nicholas Wanderers team have a good and long track record,” said Cllr Dudd.

“They continually bring on the next generation of local footballers. It’s impressive and we value that at the council. Now we’re working on the detail of agreements which I hope will sustain them for the next 25 years.”