Cheers Drive - the most Bristolian street name ever?

March 01 2020
Cheers Drive - the most Bristolian street name ever?

CHEERS drive is a phrase Bristolians have been using for decades to thank bus and taxi drivers.

But now the cheeky comment has been immortalised by becoming the name of a road on a new development in Speedwell.

Cheers Drive came about after residents living near the new Whitewood Park estate off Brook Road were asked to put forward their suggestions for naming the streets which were being built.

Other road names which have been adopted include Ron Stone Road, after the long-serving Labour councillor; Dening Gardens, named after Speedwell Pool architect Charles Dening; and Kenney Lane, after Annie Kenney, a Bristolian suffragette.

Eastville councillor Mhairi Threlfall, who carried out the residents' poll, revealed the road signs on her Twitter account, prompting some humorous responses.

This is going to be one of the most sought after streets to live on. I dread to think what the house prices will be in a few years' time,” one person tweeted.

Cue some very confusing exchanges with minicab drivers,” said another.

Photo: Mhairi Threlfall