Car park housing project wins award

January 01 2020
Car park housing project wins award

A SCHEME to create houses over a car park in St George has won an award – before the homes have even been built.

Bristol City Council was awarded a national Inside Housing Development Award for its approach to modular housing for the ZedPod scheme in Chalks Road.

The 11 homes above the car park next to St George Park are due to be installed in the spring.

The council and its partners, ZEDpods and Bristol Housing Festival, were commended for successfully reclaiming an urban area and providing a housing solution where conventional construction would not normally be possible.

Cabinet member for housing Paul Smith said: “It is great to see that Bristol has been recognised for its forward-thinking approach to housing.

The development at Chalks Road is a prime example of how using modern methods of construction can provide affordable first homes for low income young people.

Along with the launchpad project, this is the first development of its kind in the city where we have repurposed land using high-quality and sustainable building design. We are now exploring further innovative housing solutions to provide more affordable housing across the city, whilst also lessening the impact upon the environment by using eco-friendly construction methods.”