New crossing to improve safety on Bryants Hill

April 04 2017
Bryants Hill Crossing

Bristol City Council has proposed a new crossing for Bryants Hill. ** Consultation now closed **

St George Neighbourhood Partnership has prioritised a local traffic scheme to improve the pedestrian environment on Bryants Hill by installing a twostage crossing facility near the junction with John Wesley Road.  Bristol City Council is seeking views on our preliminary proposals.

The proposals consist of a pedestrian refuge island to enable pedestrians to cross this busy section of Bryants Hill in two stages.  Pedestrian dropped kerbs with tactile paving are also proposed to be introduced to aid disabled pedestrians.   This crossing point aims to provide a useful facility for pedestrians as this stretch of Bryants Hill does not currently have an appropriate crossing point.

Information on Bristol City Council website:

Consultation closes:
     10 April 2017   CONSULTATION CLOSED

Respond to:
     or Highways Service (RS16013/MB), Bristol City Council, Freepost RTKJ-SGBZ-ULSH, PO Box 3176, Bristol BS3 9FS

Proposed new crossing


Extract from April 2017 edition