St George Arts Trail

January 25 2019
Arts Trail

The second St George Arts Trail will take place on 9th and 10th February 2019.


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The event will take place at various venues in the St George area on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February.


A list of artists taking part in the 2019 St George Arts Trail has been included in the February edition of the St George & Redfield Voice, and is also repeated below:

NameMapLocationShort Description
Corinne Randall 1 Albert Parade Evocative landscapes, books, prints & cards
Abi Eleri 2 Bethesda Church Original watercolour paints, prints, frames & cards
Alex Parkin 2 Bethesda Church Illustration
All Is Sun 2 Bethesda Church Multi media, jewellery and home décor
Beci Whatley 2 Bethesda Church Jewellery, Greetings cards, framed pictures etc
Burnt Out Candles 2 Bethesda Church Candles and wax goodies
Chris Shropland 2 Bethesda Church Paintings and Inks
Hazel Bloomfield 2 Bethesda Church Crocheted home crafts, gifts and toys
Jane Vellender 2 Bethesda Church Painting and Textile works
Liane Tancock 2 Bethesda Church Illustration
PhilPholle 2 Bethesda Church Jewellery and accessories from reused materials
Wendy Greenwood 2 Bethesda Church Jewellery (Glass/Silver)
Amy Hostler 3 Weight Road Monoprint, Collage, Mixed Media, Jewellery, Textile items
Laura M Davey 3 Weight Road One off vintage inspired garments
Black Iris Images 4 The Old Hauliers Arms, Pile Marsh Photography
Mabel 4 The Old Hauliers Arms, Pile Marsh     LATE   ENTRY    
Florioscity 5 Cossham Road Sculpture, Flowers
Hot Water Bottle Network 6 St George Park Designated hotwater bottle donation tree
Orchard Choir 6 St George Park Orchard Community Choir, 3.00pm Sunday
Beedaya 7 St George Community Centre Handmade Bags, Purses, Fabric Baskets, etc
Bristol Bricking-it 7 St George Community Centre Details to be announced
Caroline Temple-Bird 7 St George Community Centre Painting
Chris Lynas 7 St George Community Centre Computer-controlled pen plotter drawings
Gavin Watkins 7 St George Community Centre Books I've written and altered books
Helena Satterthwaite 7 St George Community Centre Painting & Illustration
Jill Gettrup 7 St George Community Centre Acrylic on paper
Lisa Travers 7 St George Community Centre Mixed media work - prints and affordable gifts
Playing Out 7 St George Community Centre Car Free play zone
Sew Treasurable 7 St George Community Centre Needle Felting
Simone Potter Ceramics 7 St George Community Centre Ceramics
St George Breathing Better 7 St George Community Centre Information on St George Breathing Better project
Steve J Nichols 7 St George Community Centre Artwork. Prints, greeting cards, framed prints, etc
Shannon Rakochy 8 ParkSide Framers, 278 Church Rd Photographic image / collage with paint
Tabitha Farrell 8 ParkSide Framers, 278 Church Rd Pencil on paper with life events as inspiration
Love to Lampshade by Nia Louise 9 Northcote Road Vintage and modern hand made lampshades
David Stillitz 10 Beaufort Road Painting & Illustrated Prints
Ceridwen Hazelchild Design 11 * Old Lamb Close Textiles & Illustration
Jonas Fenn Jewellery 11 * Old Lamb Close Jewellery
Alan Cooper 12 The Avenue Ceramics
The Orchard 13 Orchard Cafe, Clouds Hill Road Suprise Exhibition - Details to be announced
John Lynch 14 Glebe Road Print-Making
TerribleTwo & EatPeas Design 14 Glebe Road Fabric Design
Sticky Ends 15 St George Library Sticky Ends Theatre (story telling)
Bridget McMulkin 16 Clouds Hill Avenue Textile artist working in mixed media
Micheal McMulkin 16 Clouds Hill Avenue Photography
Juliet Fleming 17 Clouds Hill Avenue Ceramics
Sandra Moore Art 17 Clouds Hill Avenue Paintings of Bristol and beyond
Sarah Jordan - Potterymouse 17 Clouds Hill Avenue Ceramics
Sarah Jordan Pottery 17 Clouds Hill Avenue     LATE ENTRY    
Felicity InkPen 18 Clouds Hill Avenue Paintings, collages and pen-and-ink drawings
Carter Nelson 19 Hudds Vale Road Paintings, both oil and watercolour
InkBirds 20 Chester Road Screen Prints
Tilly Eastwood 20 Chester Road Oil Painting
Claire Upsdale 21 Bowden Road Ceramic Artist
Melimade 22 Altringham Road Handmade jewellery
A Little Something 23 Beehive Centre Abstract art
Aine Kelly 23 Beehive Centre Photography
Amy Vans 23 Beehive Centre Paintings
Andy Spargo 23 Beehive Centre Paintings
Arty Adventures  23 Beehive Centre Arts and crafts table
Bemmie 23 Beehive Centre Illustration Prints
Jax Long Cole 23 Beehive Centre Printmaking
Judith Pemberton Bennetts 23 Beehive Centre Painter: Acrylic on canvas
Judy Swaffin 23 Beehive Centre Oils on canvas and other mixed media
Kesdrawsfights 23 Beehive Centre Drawing and painting
Kristof Varga - K28 Gallery 23 Beehive Centre Pure Forms Art
Lauren Gale Makes & Illustrates 23 Beehive Centre Illustrated plates, bowls and illustration prints
Made In Fishponds 23 Beehive Centre Hand made soap
Nici-cini 23 Beehive Centre Prints and Drawings
Olga Writes Things 23 Beehive Centre Zines and badges
Rachel Fenwick 23 Beehive Centre Water colour and Mixed Media paintings
Shelli Graham 23 Beehive Centre Illustration (greeting cards and gifts)
Sonnes Art 23 Beehive Centre Prints, t-shirts and wood art
Stephanie Holden 23 Beehive Centre Printmaking and Mixed Media
Tailor Made Oils 23 Beehive Centre Tailor made Oils
The Lantern Parade 23 Beehive Centre Preparing for the next Church Road Lantern Parade
The Silk Dye Weavers 23 Beehive Centre Local fibre artists
Wendy Calder 23 Beehive Centre Ceramics
Helen Jane Jewellery 23 Beehive Centre     LATE ENTRY       SUNDAY ONLY
Chris Nicholls 24 Wesley Close Oil Painting
Loraine Osbourne 25 Clouds Hill Road Flower Paintings
Stine's Designs 25 Clouds Hill Road     LATE ENTRY    
City Animalz 26 Stretford Road     LATE ENTRY    

Look out for the green balloons when visiting the Arts Trail locations.
* Location 11 is at 3 Old Lamb Close, BS5 8FP (please ignore location shown on printed maps)