Arson attack on home in Redfield

April 15 2020
Arson attack on home in Redfield

A FIRE in the front garden of a house in Redfield was started deliberately, firefighters believe.

They were called out to Leonard Road, off Avonvale Road, shortly after 5am today when rubbish piled in front of the house was found to be ablaze, affecting the front of the building.

The fire was put out by crews from the city’s Temple and Bedminster fire stations, although one fire engine had problems reaching the scene because of what firefighters described as “poor parking” on the road.

Afterwards the firefighters used a fan to clear smoke from inside the house.

Police were also called and an Avon Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said the blaze is thought to have been started deliberately.

Picture supplied by Avon Fire and Rescue Service