Redfield Aldi appeal for 7am deliveries stirs debate

September 01 2017
Redfield Aldi appeal for 7am deliveries stirs debate

Redfield residents are furiously opposing supermarket Aldi's appeal to move delivery hours to 7am on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

The Aldi store on Church Road has applied to Bristol City Council for permission to receive deliveries from 7am on Sundays, public and bank holidays.

The store's deliveries, at 237-279 Church Road, are currently restricted to between 9am and 6pm on these days.

While the Aldi store has argued it must "evolve consumer demand in a competitive market place, which requires a flexible system or stock management and distribution" in its application, the appeal has stirred debate amongst residents.

An objection posted to the application page by The Planning Solutions Group, a residents' group addressed to Victoria Parade, said there is "no particularly valid reason why neighbours of the store should have to have their Sunday and Bank Holiday mornings disturbed prior to 9am."  The objection added: "The original condition was placed on this property to protect the amenity of the occupiers of the residential properties near the boundary of this store's car park.

"Whilst the noise impact studies show that the noises generated by deliveries are no worse at 7am than at 9am, they make no comment about the fact that Sundays are normally considered to be 'quiet days' and many people expect to be able to have undisturbed time early on Sunday mornings and during public holidays."

Roseberry Park resident Rachel Reveley said: "7am deliveries are unnecessary. Why add more stress to people's lives? Sunday is the only day many people get to have a lie in."

But Jane Louise, who lives opposite the Aldi store, is supporting the store's application. She argued: "I would prefer an earlier delivery slot. Traffic backs up along Chalks Road, often as far as Whitehall, from about 8:45am. Therefore if the lorry is in and out prior to the traffic build up, then the traffic problems may be slightly reduced."

An Aldi spokesperson told the St George & Redfield Voice: "Due to the popularity of our Church Road store with the local community, we have submitted a planning application to extend our delivery hours on Sundays and Public and Bank Holidays. We are working with the council and will update the local community once a decision has been made."

Bristol City Council received the application on Wednesday, July 5, with a determination deadline of Wednesday, August 30. You can track the application on the Bristol City Council planning page using the reference 17/03730/X.


Article written by Bethany Wash