A sponsor for the Fountain Monument in St George

April 01 2020
A sponsor for the Fountain Monument in St George

News from St George in Bloom

THE historic Fountain Monument in St George (below) is not only an attractive and well-known landmark, but for a number of years the volunteers from St George in Bloom have planted up the stone trough at the front of this structure with colourful planting schemes.

One of St George in Bloom’s sponsors, The Orchard Coffee & Co, have generously donated funding to enable St George in Bloom to purchase plants that help to visually enhance the fountain monument.

St George in Bloom wishes to sincerely thank The Orchard Coffee & Co for their kind and generous sponsorship.


The Fountain’, as it is affectionately known to local residents of St George, was once the site of the Don John cross that marked an ancient entrance into the Royal Forest of Kingswood. 

It is located at the top of Church Road, near the fork of the Kingswood and Hanham Roads.


A historic photo of the Fountain Monument

The stone trough at the front of the fountain originally served as a reservoir for drinking water for horses that pulled carts and other delivery vehicles that served this area of the city. 


Any local companies or members from the St George business sector who wish to sponsor St George in Bloom’s horticultural enhancement projects are asked to contact the chair and founder of St George in Bloom, Grenville Johnson, by email at victorianhouse@blueyonder.co.uk.

Further details of all St George in Bloom’s projects and sponsors can be found on the St George in Bloom website.

Note: the 2020 local competition has been cancelled due to coronavirus. If there is a change in circumstances, updates will be provided on the website at the link above. 

Grenville Johnson

Main picture: Members of the team from Orchard Coffee Co hand over a donation to St George in Bloom volunteer Trevor Ball.